The Night the Rondo Opened

So how does magic happen?

It starts with one of the area’s most beloved bands, The Blue Stones, reaching out to one of the area’s most beloved venue owners, Tom Lucier, and saying “Hey, we’re going to be in town, we’d like to book a show.”

Add to that the coincidence that Tom and his partners had, just at that moment, been looking to take over a brand new, larger venue, a place that held within its walls, some of the history of the music scene in Windsor.

Over the next (ridiculously short) 14 days, Tom and his partners, along with a legion of volunteers from the Windsor Arts and Culture community, busted their butts in sweltering heat to prepare the new venue.

The result is a space built to reinvigorate what was lost in the area with the closing of The Loop.  And it has been done with perfection.  Open space, a stage backdropped by the Windsor/Detroit skyline, Deni@l murals on the walls and an ownership who truly and obviously care about what they are doing.

But we’re not done making magic happen.

Another one of those coincidences kicks in when the hottest event of the year happens to be booked on one of the hottest nights of the year.  The energy was palpable, and the show started off with the aptly named Love Department.  

A set full of fun and funk and outright calls for more community involvement and participation.  “Shop locally and talk to your neighbours.”

That was followed by the downright soul and sex appeal of The Wanderlust Club.  A group of approximately 367 people, who are all full of passion and talent and make you move.  David Zelko draws an audience in with pure passion and love and you should not miss an opportunity to see him and this group.

The number of members in The Wanderlust Club was completely appropriate for the event of course, because it takes that many people to be able to get a crowd appropriately prepared for the spectacle that is the two-piece band of The Blue Stones.

There is a reason they are one of the area’s most beloved treasures.  These two gentlemen are a delight to watch and hear, and they of course brought the house down with their blues-based drive and intense stage presence.

The room was full of some of the most talented musicians in the area, and some of the most ravenous music fans in the area. When all was said and done, an estimated 300 people came into a room last night to celebrate what happens when a community comes together to support art and culture.

It was a shining example of how passion and love and hard work can make magic happen.

Check out The Rondo when you get a chance.  Be a part of something at 63 Pitt St. East.

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