Welcome to the very first episode of The AVB Podcast!

Well, that’s a lie.  This is actually the fourth episode I recorded on my journey to this point.  The first two were terrible because I’m new to all of this, and the results were that of the world’s most boring interviewer mumbling over someone you actually want to hear.  The third interview you will hear next week.

With that out of the way, Mr. Dave Toennies is a perfect guest to be my first:  a man who spends time on both sides of the international border that is the Detroit River, Dave is the lead singer of the folk band Border Patrol.

In this episode, Dave and I discuss the music scene in Windsor and Detroit, the not-uncommon journey of millennials, and the origins of creativity.

You can here more from Border Patrol on their Bandcamp Page or give them a like over on their Facebook.

theAVBpodcast - ep.79p - Border Patrol - Special Performance

Here's a special performance from Windsor/Detroit folk band Border Patrol, brought to you by the The Dugout Sports Lounge filmed on location at Langemann HVAC.

Posted by The AVB Podcast on Friday, November 24, 2017

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