Sarah and I first met in high school.  She’s always been one of those people who is somehow instantly captivating.  Always smiling, constantly on the move, Sarah is part cowgirl, part gypsy, and all energy.

About 15 years after high school, I randomly ran into Sarah while shooting a Howie Mandel show at Caesars Windsor.  We exchanged information and met shortly after.  In the years since we had seen each other, Sarah had built a life around her love of horses, and she invited me out to shoot.

Early one October morning, we gathered together in a cold barn before sunrise, preparing the horses and the photo equipment.  We eventually got out into this open field next to the barn with the property owner’s daughter riding alongside Sarah.  They got the horse and pony riding pretty hard and the animals built up a sweat.

As the sun started to break through the clouds, the 4 of them stopped right as the light hit in front of them.  The heat from the horses, along with their breath, condensed in the chilly autumn air to create this artificial smokey mountain feel.

Believe it or not, this is shot on the flat plain-like landscape of Essex County.

Sarah has since gone on to purchase her own farm and has built an incredible company called Sarah Parks Horsemanship.  If you’re interested in riding you should give her a call.