This week on the AVB Podcast we sit down with  Huttch  frontman Sebastian Abt. Sebastian Abt was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario. He plays lead guitar and sings for the band Huttch. If you haven’t heard them yet, you must check them out! Very cool indie style, psychedelic rock with very catchy melodies and riffs. Just three guys in the band but the sound is huge! In this podcast, we get to hear a more personal side of Sebastian as he talks about his experiences on stage and giving back to his fans.  He gives us a lesson on money and happiness, and tells us the story about Sam Roberts holding the Huttch CD while performing on stage. Very cool stuff here from a very talented musician! To learn more about Sebastian Abt and his band Huttch, check out the links below.

ep.80 - Sebastian Abt - Huttch Highlight

This week we sit down with Sebastian Abt, lead singer and guitarist of Huttch, brought to you by The Dugout Sports Lounge and Langemann HVAC! Check out the full episode here:

Posted by The AVB Podcast on Tuesday, November 28, 2017
theAVBpodcast - ep.80p - Special performance by Huttch

Here's a special performance of “Don’t Lose It” by Huttch, brought to you by the Walkerville Brewery and Langemann HVAC.

Posted by The AVB Podcast on Friday, December 1, 2017
theAVBpodcast - ep.80 - Sebastian Abt - Favourites

We asked this week’s guest Sebastian Abt about some of his favourites in Windsor.Catch his full interview this Wednesday at This week’s Favourites are brought to you by Snackbar-B-Q and Langemann HVAC.

Posted by The AVB Podcast on Monday, November 27, 2017

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