This week on the AVB Podcast we sit down with creator and solo artist Ray Syd SternNot only is Ray a creator and musician, but she is simply a lover of life—and wants to spread that love to everyone she meets! Ray Syd Stern was born in Hamilton but moved to Chatham (Blenheim) not too long after. She grew up in home with parents that weren’t necessarily the “artsy” type, but were music lovers. Ray remembers hanging out with her parents in the basement surrounded by many records and watching her parents listen to records. Her dad would test her sometimes on how well she knew the lyrics of songs. She remembers her dad asking her to recite an Alice Cooper song and if she missed a line, her dad would make her go back and do it again.  Ray believes this is what influenced her to be very passionate about her song-writing. She takes a lot of pride in her music and lyrics and wants to make sure the proper imagery and message are portrayed.

Ray grew up a pretty fearless kid wanting to go against what everyone else was doing—but in a positive way. Ray wanted to “bring freedom out of other people”   Hence, her fun-loving and charismatic nature—people simply want to be around her.  Having gone through some tough times herself, Ray uses music as an outlet. When she was young she was also into the punk scene and believes this has influenced her music today—but void of angst and full of positivity.

Ray is truly a shining star in all senses of the phrase and you owe it to yourself to listen to her music and her message, we can all learn a thing or two from her.  She mentions to us that…

“… I just trust the universe—if you put the love out—it comes…” and so we have the musical creations of “The Universe Featuring Ray”. Isn’t music a ‘universal’ language after all?? Give it a listen folks! To learn more about Ray and “The Universe Featuring Ray” please visit the links below.

theAVBpodcast - ep.75 - Ray Syd Stern - Hightlights

Coming up this week on #theavbpodcast, singer songwriter Ray Syd Stern of The Universe Featuring RayThis week’s episode brought to you by Walkerville BreweryListen to the full episode here:

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We asked this week’s guest Ray Syd Stern about some of her favourites in Windsor.Catch the full podcast brought to you by Walkerville Brewery and new episodes every Wednesday at don’t miss next week’s guest: Norm Aukland Jr.

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Here's a special performance from @The Universe Featuring Ray with “Black Doggy”.Catch her full interview brought to you by @Walkerville Brewery, only on #theavbpodcast at

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