This week on the AVB PODCAST we sit down with Dogtone frontman    Matt Lalonde .  The multi-talented musician grew up in Milton, Ontario. He moved to Windsor to pursue a rather impromptu education. Matt was never really a “school” kinda guy, but he had lovely grandparents that saved up to put him and his sister through school. Matt decided to take them up on it, as long as they picked program- and so, communication studies it was. Matt completed the program and graduated, however, music was still his passion, he wasn’t going to let that go.  While in Windsor, Matt met the musicians involved in MicLordz & Sauce Funky and they became friends—not long after—he joined the band. Despite having a piano background, Matt had a passion to play guitar. The “MicLordz” actually thought he was going to bring a keyboard to their first practice, but he showed up with an amp and a guitar. At first, they weren’t sure how this was going to play out, however his “heart” shined through and he became their lead guitar player. Not long after, Matt was engineering and producing music, including the last album that MicLordz put out. In fact, one of their songs “Ready for War” is included on the Scary Movie 5 soundtrack! Pretty cool! Check out the links below to hear their music.

Not long after, Matt decided to start working on a solo album. After an arduous couple of months, Medicinal was born and  released under the band name “Matt Lalonde presents Dogtone” which is the predecessor of the band he is currently in “Dogtone” with local drummer Jordo tough . Dogtone’s  EP was created in about 6 weeks when Matt took some time off due to a serious injury, went up North, and hammered out the album. Matt writes with his heart, each song took only about 10-15 minutes to write because he doesn’t want to take away from how he feels in the moment, as he puts it, “…if I just do it and let it go… then it’s me…”

Some goodies here folks—you don’t wanna miss this one!
To learn more about Matt Lalonde and his musical adventures, please see the links below.

ep. 74 - Matt Lalonde

This week's guest on The AVB Podcast our "Life on your own terms" series with DogTone front man Matt Lalonde!Click below for the FULL AUDIO episode!

Posted by The AVB Podcast on Wednesday, October 18, 2017
theAVBpodcast - ep.74 - Matt Lalonde Windsor Favourites

We asked this week’s guest Matt Lalonde about some of his favourites in Windsor.Catch the full podcast brought to you by Snackbar-B-Q and new episodes every Wednesday at don’t miss next week’s guest: Ray Syd Stern

Posted by The AVB Podcast on Friday, October 20, 2017
theAVBpodcast - ep.74 - Matt Lalonde Performance

Saturday special performance by Matt Lalonde recorded live at theAVB studio.Be sure to check out the whole podcast -'t miss next week's guest will be Ray Syd Stern

Posted by The AVB Podcast on Saturday, October 21, 2017

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