This week on The AVB Podcast we have local music legend Dusty D’Annunzio . Most people in the Windsor music scene will have come across this name “Dusty” before and for those of you who have not well here is your chance to learn about this talented musician! Dusty grew up in Windsor and has been performing for as long as he can remember. He picked up is very first guitar at about the age of 5, it was a gift from his aunt. Growing up in a musical family made it easy for Dusty to understand early on that music would also become his passion. He remembers career day in kindergarten and easily answering the infamous question “what do you want to be when you grow up”. Dusty knew he wanted to be a musician, he tells us “…I wanted to be a musician, I wanted to be a rock star, I wanted to play for a living, I wanted to provide everything that my dad was able to give us, just by playing music, and I didn’t question that the concept of that was not possible, it didn’t phase me…”

Dusty has definitely put his share of sweat and tears into his craft and career. He currently is touring with the famous Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad. However, Dusty is also a singer-songwriter and has produced many of his own projects. Currently, he is working on the “Rustbelt Revelators” with partner Matt Lalonde. They describe their creation as a “brand of high velocity folk with hints of blues, gospel, and rock”. Dusty also went as far as to produce a documentary music film called the “Border City Music Project” which highlights the relationship and shared culture, specifically pertaining to music, of Windsor and Detroit. Details include that of:  the monopolization of the media and the democratization of technology. This film is a must see, you can find it on YouTube, the link is below.

Dusty goes into details about things pertaining to the topics of the “Border City Music Project” in this interview. He gives us his point of view on how the internet is not necessarily helping musicians and what we can do to help out.  He talks about the state of the Windsor music scene and provides insight to those currently working musicians. We also get to hear many more goodies about Dusty and how he became the talented musician that he is. Don’t miss this one! We will leave you to it.

To learn more about Dusty and his projects you can visit his facebook page:

Border City Music Project:

You can check out his Rustbelt Revelators project here:

theAVBpodcast - ep.62 - Dusty D'Annunzio

Coming up this week on #theavbpodcast, local guitar legend Dusty D'AnnunzioThis week’s episode is brought to you by Snackbar-B-Q. Don’t forget to check out the FULL episode on Wednesday at

Posted by The AVB Podcast on Tuesday, July 25, 2017
theAVBpodcast - ep.62 - Dusty D'Annunzio Favourites.

We asked this week’s guest Dusty D'Annunzio about some of his favourites in Windsor.Catch the full podcast brought to you by Snackbar-B-Q and new episodes every Wednesday at don’t miss next week’s podcast kicking off a countdown of our Top 20 episodes throughout August!

Posted by The AVB Podcast on Friday, July 28, 2017
theAVBpodcast - ep.62 - Dusty D'Annunzio Special Performance

Here's a Special Performance from local guitar legend Dusty D'Annunzio with his song "How Long?" Catch his full interview brought to you by Snackbar-B-Q, only on #theavbpodcast at

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