On this week’s episode A. J. meets with one of the beacons of light in the Windsor music scene Dave Russell. Dave and A. J. discuss building a reputation in a new community, making your living as a musician, and the darkness of big corporate public relations. You can learn more about Dave at his Facebook Page.

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Show Notes

  • A. J. Introduces Dave Russell as a “Beacon of Light.”
  • A. J. and Dave have known each other for about a year
  • Dave moved to Windsor in 2002 from Sarnia for school
  • Started focusing on open mics in his last year of University
  • Began working in PR for a coal power plant out of University
  • Became disillusioned with the industry, moved back to Windsor and ran and open mic night at the old Honest Lawyer
  • Dave found his way into the Windsor Music scene by supporting other musicians
  • He continues to do so.
  • Dave and A. J. discuss the current state of music in Windsor and how things used to be
  • Dave gives some advice to new musicians trying to get into playing live
  • A. J. and Dave talk about The Wanderlust Club, Fuck Buddies, The Rondo, Milk etc…
  • A. J. talks about Windsor Open Streets
  • Dave talks about the politics of the local entertainment industry
  • Dave talks about playing the Windsor Fork & Cork Festival
  • Dave says he still gets nervous before some performances
  • He started performing late in high school
  • Performance did not come easily for Dave
  • Dave tell us about his experience working for a coal power plant and shit gets dark
  • Playing music was Dave’s escape from the darkness
theAVBpodcast - ep.81p - Dave Russell & the Precious Stones

Here's a special performance of “Eleventeen” by Dave Russell & the Precious Stones, brought to you by the Snackbar-B-Q and Langemann HVAC.Check out our full episode guide at theavb.com/podcast

Posted by The AVB Podcast on Thursday, December 7, 2017

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