Enter the Haggis Promo Image


This was my second time shooting Enter the Haggis.  I had met them several years earlier in Toronto through our mutual publicist at the time.  I love working with these guys.  They are consummate professionals, prolific writers and performers, and just pure road musicians.

A mostly Toronto-based Celtic/Folk Rock band (though members now find homes throughout the midwest), Enter the Haggis has entertained crowds in Canada and the US, as well as over in Ireland.

The band was passing through Windsor between shows and asked if I could come up with something for a new series of promo images.  I said of course and gathered a team.  We shot several series that day, and I don’t believe this image was ever officially used, but it’s long been one of my favorites from the series.

In a last-minute rush we were able to secure this incredible beach location thanks to a lifelong friend, and the combination of setting, lighting, and performance from my models made for a captivating image.

You can find Enter the Haggis on Spotify and iTunes, and of course on Facebook.