DJ Ravi Drums


The © on this image is showing 2012, but that seems completely wrong to me. I’m almost positive it was closer to 2009. Eventually I’ll dig up the old hard drive that has the original to verify (no I won’t).  More important than the date, the man in the picture is DJ Ravi Drums.

I met Ravi on the set of Howie Mandel’s “Howie Do it.” That’s a whole story in and of itself that I will tell one day, but for now, while I was on set, I had the pleasure of meeting Ravi. After a brief session for the show, Ravi asked if I would stick around and do a few extra shots for him, and I was happy to do so.

So here’s what’s cool as shit about Ravi. The guy’s act is a combination of club/festival DJ stuff (a genre I know nothing about, so I’m probably defining it poorly) and live drumming. It’s all energy, it’s very fun, and Ravi himself is extremely charismatic and energetic. In this case he was the musical director for the show, but he’s also been involved with the Oscars, the “Big Game” (do I really have to write that?), and numerous other events around the globe.

This photo shows off the gigantic kit that Pearl Drums had put together for Ravi for the show. The thing included a fish tank! As a former drummer, I was completely in awe. I’m pretty sure I still have the set of drum sticks he gave me (fanboy…). In doing research for this photo essay I ran across this photograph which is another shot from this session that shows off the whole kit.

It was a great day that I’ll go into more detail on in a couple of weeks, but for now, this image of Ravi has been a favourite since we created it, and it continues to be a moment I look back on with great joy.