Back in 2007 I was hired by filmmaker Dylan Pierce to do still photography for his feature film Texas Road.  Part of the film required a car accident stunt, and they reached out to local stunt man Kevin Briand.

Kevin is a guy’s guy.  He’s rough and tumble, but he’s not stupid, despite the fact he finds the idea of jumping off of high places and lighting himself on fire to be not only an interesting idea, but one interesting enough to pursue over and over again.  I’ve been to the man’s house and watched him set up his mats to teach the neighbourhood kids and adults how to safely jump off of everything from van hoods to the second-story roof of his house.

Let’s just say, if you show up at Kevin’s place, expect something interesting to happen.

Kevin has become a good friend and collaborator over the years, working on every music video I’ve shot, and as a consultant on any number of unfinished ideas and creations.  In addition, his wife Lori is one of the first people to ever suggest to me that writing a blog might be a good idea.  I believe she said that 2 years ago.  Better late than never, I suppose.

Anyway, so the story behind this photograph is pretty simple.  Dylan needed a car wreck for his film.  Kevin designed the (I believe) largest car flip ever filmed in Canada, and I happened to be the closest camera to the shoot.  Kevin and I had become quick friends over the time leading up to this stunt and I was completely scared for all of the possibilities.  It was everything I could do to keep the camera trained on the car as it raced towards, then over the launch “ramp” that I had watched Kevin and his crew build just days earlier.

The little “Kicker” they added at the end sent the car spinning both north/south and east/west.  It was spectacular.

In the end, along with Windsor Fire and Rescue, we rushed towards the squeaking and smoking wreckage to find Kevin Briand laughing as he climbed out of the vehicle.  His family, then the crew, joined him as we celebrated an amazing achievement.  In the cold, dark, winter night air, on a back road in the west end of Windsor.  And then he did it again a year later for a different film crew, this time through a camper trailer.

It’s amazing what happens in this city if you know where to look, and who to watch.