This is another one of those images where the © seems to be incorrect on the file, and I still haven’t dug out my old hard drives, so no date on this one.

The lovely young lady in this image is the woman whose name was repeated about 12 times in the first 5 minutes of yesterday’s podcast.  Amanda June Scully (Marshall) and I have created a a bunch of fun and interesting images over the years.  Since most of my work has been Arts and Entertainment related, my portfolio of corporate work is very limited, so there needs to be some sort of special circumstance for me to be shooting something like this.  The something special in this case just happens to be the entire Marshall family.

Amanda herself is a delight.  Beautiful and vibrant, constantly on the move, and always bringing a smile with her everywhere she goes.  That personality comes directly from her parents.  Her father, Tom Marshall, one of the owners of Colautti Brothers Floors, is the male version of Amanda.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the man not smiling (of course, I’ve always been around when I’ve seen him, so maybe he just thinks I’m funny looking).  I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing Amanda’s mother June quite as well, but she is supportive and feisty.

Come to think of it, from an outsider’s perspective, you could almost call the Marshall clan the modern-day Leave it To Beaver family (if you’re under 35, go look it up…).  I’m sure, like any other family, they have their issues, but if Essex county starts throwing a Best Family contest, I’m pretty sure the award is heading over there.  At least, that’s how I’ve always seen them.

Tom had hired me for a series of projects for Colautti Brothers and one of them was this image, to be used as a Christmas campaign.  The image ended up shining down on the dark streets of Windsor on the very first giant LCD billboard installed in Windsor’s downtown.  I remember driving up Ouellette Ave at 2 in the morning one weekend just to see it.

It’s the images like this that hold so much meaning for me.  It’s that combination of passion and love, mixed with some capitalism, all projected 10 feet across on a giant TV.  What else do you really need in life?

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